The Jax Handbook is a lifestyle chaperone guiding the fierce women of our fast forward culture.
It is understandable how we as women, get so tripped up sorting through everyday relationship, family, career, & health decisions. Oh and let’s not forget  the small additional pressure of manifesting our own happiness. It’s no wonder that fear, confusion & paralysis move in, when we attempt to make choices.  I’m not talking about solving world peace here although that would be fantastic. I’m talking about the everyday quick decisions that ultimately become the designers of our lives by accident! We have replaced the word “do” with “try”.  We have replaced self confidence with over selfie confidence. We have sold ourselves short of realizing true potential because we are confused and distracted. It doesn’t have to be this way…
The Jax Handbook calls for your movement not perfection. I will help crack the “DaVinci Code” of social rules in the age of smart phone romance & jackass phone rejection.  I want to make common sense common again in our interactions with others and guide our vivacious followers through their everyday life choices with a no BS approach.
It is my intention to be the best friend you’ve ever had or maybe never had!  I want to break down your most common excuses, be the drill sergeant to your nonsense, the coach to your problems, an educator to lifestyle basics and the shoulder for your tears. There will be times you read and laugh, times you will read and cry but there will never ever be a time that you read and want to quit. I have your back….Now lets get it moving forward!
Thank you so much for visiting & getting JAXED UP with me!!!!
~ jax 

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